Re: Why I can't use NM (but want to)

On 25/02/07, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
On 2/25/07, David R. Litwin <presently42 gmail com> wrote:

> At school:
> My college uses the kind of connexion which demands that one log in to the
> network in order to use the internet (i. e. to get an I. P. address, if I
> remember correctly.). With NM, I can not do this. KNetworkManager shows the
> establlishment of a connexion to be at 57% (if I'm lucky and it makes it
> past 28%) and then, as it tries to get an IP, fails. I try to open my
> browser to log in, but the log in page does not display. Therefore, I can
> not get connected to the network and internet there whilst using NM. To
> solve: Allow me to log in to the network.

Is your school using some type of EAP or is it a web based login?

Thanks for the quick reply!

It is a web-based login, I believe.  EAP is an authentication, is it not?

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