Manually set wpa_supplicant.conf for one SSID?

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Thanks for the great work on this project so far -- it's really made
networking a lot easier on Linux, seems like.

I have a question about using LEAP on an ipw3945 with kernel 2.6.17-11
and NM 0.6.3-2ubuntu6 -- I know that 0.7 will support it (from reading
the mailing lists and other websites, I see there are development
patches out there and the like), however I can't really upgrade easily
to 0.7 even to test as I really don't want to use anything but packages
on this machine (I can do the other stuff, but I want to keep my machine
lean and easy to manage).

What I can't tell, however, is if I can do anything to cause
NetworkManager to use a specific set of options for a particular SSID.
NetworkManager works great to connect at home with WEP104 and to wired
networks, but the office wireless network uses LEAP and there is no set
of options I can set in the GUI (knetworkmanager) to make this happen.
My current solution is setting NM in offline mode and manaully launching
wpa_supplicant to connect.

What are my options here? I'd like to see the bar graph of the
interface, and to have my apps that read NM's status to not say "waiting
for network" when I'm already connected.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing my options. :)
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