OpenVPN gui change

I finally had a need to get OpenVPN running at home and figured I would
just use the NetworkManager-openvpn from Fedora Extras.  Well it worked,
but the config gui was a little painful on my 1024x768 sub noteboook.

I took a half an hour and created this patch that moves the optional
information to another tab.  Yes I know having tabs in tabs is bad, but
I don't have time to redesign the entire gui right now.  I also enabled
the port option that was in the code, but didn't have a gui
configuration entry ( I needed that functionality also.).  I probably
should have used the rport option, but again I don't have tons of time
to spend on this.  Here is the patch against 0.3.2

For Fedora People running Core 6 here is an rpm. Note I also moved the
launcher from Internet to System Tools.

Hope this helps someone else out.


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