Re: Network Manager, misbehaves

On 2/12/07, Patton Echols <p echols comcast net> wrote:
I have two issues with Network Manager that I think are related, but
perhaps not.

Note: Using Ubuntu Edgy

First, I have the Network Monitor applet showing that I have a
connection, as of now, connection strength is at 86%. At the same time
Network Manager (0.6.3) shows connection strength at 52%. (25'
unobstructed line of sight)  I understand this is a known issue with
Atheros chipset cards.  And I saw at one point a fix.  The problem is
that the fix required hacking some element of the NM source and
recompiling.  While I'd be willing to give such a fix a try, the entire
discussion assumed at least some modicum of programing ability.  I'm
willing to learn, but that's not me.  The other issue is that I
understand the fix would then "break" the ability to have Ubuntu
auto-majically update when necessary.  I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Unfortunately the problem is that the Madwifi driver reports their
signal strength differently, Robert Love posted a patch for this and I
posted the patch on Launchpad for this hoping to get the patch
integrated into Fiesty.  The bug is at
if you want to add a "Me Too"

I can see about creating new packages with the patch this weekend and
posting them if you are not comfortable with rebuilding the package
but it really is VERY easy.

I know that Dan has said that Network Manager is not affected by the
reported signal strength (and he certainly knows more about NM than I
do) but until I applied that patch my Atheros card was VERY flaky.

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