Re: Current SVN broken?

On 2/5/07, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
On 2/5/07, Simon Geard <delgarde ihug co nz> wrote:
> I've just grabbed the latest NM code from SVN (revision 2287), finding
> it badly broken for me. It builds fine, but crashes shortly after
> startup, apparently just after retrieving scan results from
> wpa_supplicant.
> Anyone else having problems with this? It's a clean snapshot from SVN,
> with none of my code changes in it. I've attached a log, if that
> helps...
> Simon.

Is this Trunk?  If so I think it is in a state of flux right now, I
would try the NETWORKMANAGER_0_6_0_RELEASE branch.

I just looked and rev 2287 is definitely trunk, I would stick with the
Release branch until Dan mentions that Trunk is ready for testing.

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