Warning message "can't monitor the supplicant"


I tried installing network-manager (with gnome applet) on Ubuntu Edgy (version in the repos, just did apt-get).

My wireless card is a Linksys WPC54Gv5 (Marvell chipset) using ndiswrapper (again version from the repos).

While with other wifi managers (such as wifi-radar) everything works fine and I can connect to my access point using WAP, if I try network-manager I cant get a connection.

If I try connecting to my access point, I get the popup window asking for the WAP key, but then the conneciton fails.
The log at some point shows a warning like: "can't monitor the supplicant", then not much else until it fails connecting.

Anything that should be done because of that error message?
It looks like wpa_supplicant is not invoked with the correct options? Or the card does not support the functionality required by network-manager?

What I noticed is that with wifi-radar it takes quite a long time for the connection to be established.
I wonder if there is a way to let network-manager wait a bit longer for the connection to be established, before just giving up...

Any help appreciated,

-- Paolo

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