questions about NM 0.6.4

I was having an issue with 0.6.3 (the wifi would randomly "loose connectivity") so I upgraded on my Unbuntu Linux (kernel v2.6.17) to version 0.6.4. I have a few questions;

1. is there a way to not have the keyring ask for a password question each time my laptop boots (i.e before I can connect to the network)

2. each time the "disconnect of wifi " happens (not very often), I would think the network manager would be intelligent enough to "see" the disconnect and "reconnect" to the default configured network no ?

3. does NM create any logs, I am trying to figure out why it disconnects (when I was manually configuring the card without NM I never encountered this issue by the way...)

Thank you for replied, and I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post into.


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