Re: Errors running current SVN code

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 10:07 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> We can change the internal stuff in 0.6, but we cannot change the DBus
> interface.

No problem there - 0.6 works fine for me, since I don't care about it
ignoring the odd access point, as long as it can connect to my own
without crashing.

> See above.  SSID will not and should not be part of the object path in
> D-Bus, nor in GConf.

Ok, that re-working this sounds a little beyond the scope of this bug.
For the time being, I might settle for making sure the SSID always gets
encoded correctly so as not to crash D-Bus.

> Sure!  I think the first step is to change NMAccessPoint so that the
> 'ssid' member is a u8[32].  I'd also like to change 'essid' to 'ssid'
> for NMAccessPoint too.

No problem with the rename - that way any code that doesn't get changed
doesn't compile, ensuring nothing accidentally gets missed.

Incidentally, what's the difference between essid and orig_essid in that
struct? Is it simply that essid is guaranteed to be in UTF8 and
orig_essid might not be?

> Furthermore, I'd like to change the name of NMAccessPoint, but I'm not
> yet sure what to.  NMBSSID is much more appropriate, but looks really
> ugly.

I'll leave that one for now... I'd rather not be making more changes at
once than absolutely required, and I hate resolving merge conflicts...

> Only for debugging output; since we won't be passing a "printable" SSID
> outside of NM (it will always be a 32 item byte array over D-Bus), we
> won't need to do this.  Tools that interface with NM over D-Bus (the
> applet) will of course need to figure out how to convert random SSIDs to
> a printable string if only for a dropdown menu or entry of the SSID from
> a CLI.

In that case, Volker's suggestion of showing dots in place of
unprintable characters is probably the most appropriate. I'll go with
that, if there's no objections.


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