Weird issue: hostap, prism2.5 card, wpa2, network-manager, kubuntu ubuntu 6.1


I have found an weird issue.  I'm double posting (I know this is not
proper nettiquette), but the issue seems to fall squarely between the
2 lists.

IBM Thinkpad A30
Prism 2.5 card
Kubuntu & Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)
package: hostap-utils v1:0.4.0-1
package: network-manager v0.6.3-2ubuntu6

hostap fails to create an adapter when loaded, unless i also install
the network-manager-gnome (maybe just network-manager (although I
never tried)).

That is, if I do a fresh install of either Ubuntu or Kubuntu, then
aptitude upgrade, install hostap-utils, blacklist orinoco_pci,
orinoco, prism2_pci, and reboot.

When the box comes up I only have eth0 and lo adapters under ifconfig.
Then I install network-manager-gnome.  rmmod hostap_pci, hostap,
modprobe hostap, hostap_pci (or just reboot) and I get all the proper
adapters and can connect to a WPA2 ap.

It seems like something is missing from the hostap-utils distribution,
or some other weird interaction is going on.


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