Re: Autostarting NetworkManager in Fedora 8 prevents sshd to start properly

Dan Williams wrote:

> Well, my point was that there are services that are too stupid to know
> about on-the-fly address and network interface changes.  Those services
> including things like (apparently) sshd, ntpd, nfs, ekiga, etc.

If a service is listening on host INADDR_ANY (, then it should
accept connections on any interfaces and IP addresses that happen to
be configured when the connection request comes in.  (Or am I missing

On my boxen, sshd binds to INADDR_ANY.  I think that's the default
behavior for sshd.

Wouldn't it be better to tweak the servers' configs than restart
them frequently?

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        kbob jogger-egg com

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