Re: Autostarting NetworkManager in Fedora 8 prevents sshd to start properly

On 29/12/2007, Robert Allerstorfer <linux-ra anet at> wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, 15:59 GMT+01 Robert Allerstorfer wrote:
> > On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, 09:41 GMT-05 Dan Williams wrote:
> >> Sounds like sshd is binding to an IP address and not handling changes
> >> when your IP address changes.  You should probably set up a
> >> NetworkManagerDispatcher script to kick sshd in the head (ie service
> >> sshd restart) when the network settings change.  This functionality
> >> should really be in sshd itself, doing something like avahi does where
> >> it watches netlink link & address events and handles the changes
> >> automatically.
> > I will try to change the start priority of avahi-daemon from 96 to 99
> > to see if it solves the problem.
> Changing the start priority of avahi-daemon didn't help. What about
> decreasing the start priority of the NetworkManager service from 98 to
> somewhat below the one of sshd? Is NetworkManager required to start so
> late (98)? Here are all current start positions of Fedora 8 in
> runlevel 5:

Forget about it. I think Dan misunderstood you. From your original
posting you are basically saying that your machine isn't IP
addressable until someone logs in which is the normal behaviour of NM.
Until NM gains the ability to do system wide configurations (i.e.
before anyone starts its applet) you better not use it if you want to
access your machine remotely. Period.

This system wide configuration I think is being worked on. Maybe Dan
is actually working on it right now and that's why he didn't read your
mail closely enough ;-)


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