Re: Proper WEP Code

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

>> But the associated question do you really want to set the WEP encryption
>> code in hex rather than in ASCII, which is another option.
> He needs to be sure he matches the setting used on the AP.  It won't
> work if he uses the wrong type in the applet.  That said, most APs don't
> use ASCII passphrases (it was an older lucent thing), so I'd expect it
> to be a hex key, most likely.

That's not necessarily true.  There's a difference between "WEP Password",
"40/128 ASCII" and "40/128 HEX".  In the former case you do need to make
sure that the AP is set up for a password, and you'd better hope that
the AP uses the same string-to-key as NM.  But in the latter cases, you're
just defining a key directly.  The only difference is whether you're
supplying the key in hex or via the ascii character codes.  E.g., to
enter a hex 'digit' of 41 you could just enter an ascii "A".  This does
not require any special configuration on the AP, because you could use
'AAAAA' and '4141414141' interchangably in NM.

> Dan


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