Re: NetworkManager and Atheros Madwifi Drivers (Weak Signal Strength)

Thanks for letting us know.  And thanks to Darren for doing this.

I installed the patched versions and find that NM now reports more signal strength, but not the same as network monitor reports. Anyone know whether this is "normal" behavior? By the way, with the patched version, I have not yet seen NM spontaneously drop the connection. If that change appears to be real, (and not just me not noticing with only a couple of hours useage) then I am a happy camper regardless of the numbers reported.

Also, while I understand Dan's reasons for not wanting the patch to be in the official NM code, I can't for the life of me figure out why the ubuntu maintainers would not glom onto it immediately. **

** Course, if I'm so smart, why could I not get Robert Love's patch to work!?! I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader ;-)
Thanks again to all who helped out with this!


On 08/29/2007 09:01 PM, Nolan Garrett wrote:
Just FYI, I did finally find a solution for this.  Darren Albers has
patched and recompiled NM for Ubuntu Feisty.

It was as easy as downloading and using dpkg to install...



Patton Echols wrote:
If you find an answer to this, would you post here? I went through this at one time, found a patch but apparently the wrong version. Finally I just gave up.

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