Re: connecting to wlan on startup


> I just compiled knetworkmanager from svn, but this doesn't solve my
> problem. I have
> StoreKeysUnencrypted=true
> in knetworkmanagerrc and now the encrypted networks I connect to aren't
> even listed there, and clicking on the ESSID in the list doesn't open a
> dialog, but does nothing (I think the bubble flashes briefly, no idea what
> it is doing). If I open the "Connect to Other Wireless Network" dialog and
> enter my key and stuff, I can connect to my WLAN
> Needless to say there's no auto connect.
> Any ideas?
> Thorben
> P.S.: I hope I didn't break anything while trying to install this via
> Gentoo's portage...

I'm now using the knetworkmanager svn ebuild from the gentoo xeffects overlay, 
and now everything seems to be working fine, no idea what went wrong with my 
way of installing from svn...

I'm looking forward to 0.7 though, global wlan configuration sounds like a 
really good idea. Has this been started in svn yet?


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