connecting to wlan on startup

After reading this
I wanted to try out KNetworkManager on my stable x86 gentoo system.

I got everything to work fine, that is I can connect to wired lan, and to my 
WPA2 WLAN. However, KNetworkManager didn't autostart for me, even though I 
checked the option in the gui.

So I added KNetworkManager to .kde/Autostart

Problem: On boot and KDE startup KNetworkManager doesn't _automatically_ 
connect to my WLAN, although I can connect to it manually by selecting it in 
the gui. It just does nothing when there is no ethernet cable.

My WLAN's ESSID ist listed under trusted networks, so shouldn't 
KNetworkManager try to connect to it?

I also wonder if there is any workaround atm to make NetworkManager connect to 
a known WLAN without having to start any gui?

I understand this is a planned feature for 0.7, has it been implemented in SVN 
yet? If it has, is there some information on how to use it? I'd really like 
to try it out...

Thanks for your help,

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