Feature Suggestion: Remembering old Ad-Hoc configurations


I would like to suggest the following feature to NetworkManager-Applet; When creating a new ad-hoc network (Applet->Create New Wireless Network), options should be displayed for historical networks. This means two things:

* The ESSID text-entry box should become a drop-down/entry box, with the drop-down containing networks previously connected to - that is, either created or seen ad-hoc networks. This information is available in gconf.
* The security configuration should automatically be set to the previous configured security settings for the given network. That is, for each previously-connected network, once its ESSID is selected or entered, the security mode should be changed to whatever it last was for that network, and so should the key. This information can be retrieved from gconf and gnome-keyring.

This same mechanism should also supply a method to "forget" old networks (...which would be useful in the context of ordinary AP networks as well).

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- William Hazlitt

Ohad Lutzky

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