Re: Latest SVN

Yaakov Nemoy schrieb:
> On 8/20/07, Michael Biebl <biebl debian org> wrote:
>> Yaakov Nemoy schrieb:
>>> Here's the patch.
>>> It's really Robert Frank's patch.  He told me where to put the code.
>>> It's untested, and doesn't work in as a distro agnostic method as it
>>> should.
>> Why do you need it at all? dhclient (from the dhcp3-client package)
>> reads /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf by default.
>> I'm running latest 0.7 svn on Debian sid without such a patch, and dhcp
>> works just fine.
> 0.64 doesn't, so i assumed it was the default behavior for 0.7 as

0.6.4 doesn't control dhclient itself, so it's not needed there, too.
Where do you have the information, that such a patch is needed? The
Debian package at least doesn't ship such a patch.

> well.  I wasn't able to get 0.7 to work on lenny, so I wasn't sure.
> Well, if this turns out to be non standard behavior for other distros,
> the patch is still there.  If not, I won't cry if it's not merged :P.

Yeah, it's best to drop this patch. Doesn't make sense to me and only
complicates things, because every distribution would have to patch NM if
their dhclient doesn't use /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf.


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