Ad-hoc channel setting bug

Here's a bug I've reported under Ubuntu (I can't find a bugzilla in which to report it upstream):


I'm trying to use NetworkManager to create an ad-hoc network with my ipw2200. The following manual method works:

sudo iwconfig eth1 essid mynetwork channel 11 mode ad-hoc

(That is, the laptop next to me will then see the network)

However, when trying to do that with NetworkManager's "create wireless network", the laptop next to me
will not see the network. Checking iwconfig shows that the essid and mode were set properly - but unfortunately, one can't tell using iwconfig whether a channel was set. However, running

sudo iwconfig eth1 channel 11

aftwards fixes the problem. NM should do this automatically.


This bug still seems to be there... is any progress being made? Is there any upstream bugzilla I can report this to?

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Ohad Lutzky

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