Re: [PATCH] Some fixes for trunk

Am Mittwoch, 8. August 2007 12:39:01 schrieb Tambet Ingo:
> > 1) allow_linking_with_cpp.patch:
> > As the filename indicates this patch adds support for using libnm_util
> > and libnm_glib from within C++.
> I'll replace these with G_BEGIN_DECLS / G_END_DECLS (macros that
> expand to exactly the same but will make editors not indent the whole
> content of header file because of { }).

Nice, thanks.

> > 3) fix_memory_corruption.patch
> > The most important one (it took hours to find the cause). Call to
> > g_object_get writes a gint (4 byte) into the gint8 output buffer (1 byte)
> > and thus overwrites some other data (in my case the last_seen property).
> Nice catch. The proper fix would be to not write 4 bytes to that
> pointer though, I'll commit a fix for that instead.

Indeed, but g_object_get is a glib function ;-)


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