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Darren Albers wrote:
On 10/12/06, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
Did that, it and nm_applet got into an argument of some kind and I had
to plug the dlink back in, killed nm_applet, and restart the network.
So now ifconfig says I have 2 paths!

But, I'm actually using eth0 it seems once I started knetworkmanager.
Starting knetworkmanager reverts the wlan0 status to offline, and will
not reconnect wlan0.  I have to plug in the dlink again, AND restart the
network to restore connectivity once that condition has been achieved.

So, quit that and restart nm_applet. Repeat till a pattern is seen, and
the pattern is this:  To be able to change, using either utility, to the
wlan0 interface, requires I unplug the cat5 from the side of the lappy,
thereby disabling eth0 while it was active.

Is this making any sense at all?

Yes, you should not be running nm-applet and Knetworkmanager at the
same time.  You need to switch to knetworkmanager only.

Well, seeing as how its not restarted when x is restarted after a reboot, it has to be restarted via the kmenu access. And only the first try was with both running, all other times it was one or the other.

I just had to reboot because skype's new version *.53 for linux, will sit there for several hours gradually eating the system, totally un-noticed until you click on a number and then the dial icon. On the first reboot, kdeinit couldn't be started as the lockfiles were apparently NOT released when I hit the power button for the first shutdown as the box was totally locked, including the toolbar clock being stopped. FWIW, the skype beta version previously installed did not do that, ever.

anyway, back online, with knetworkmanager saying I'm running on eth0. The lack of integration here is frustrating.

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Cheers, Gene

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