Re: A comment on NetworkManager

It appears to me that there might be a small snowballs chance in hell of
its working if two conditions are met:

1. Must be running gnome or it appears all the tools aren't available
2. Must NOT be using ndiswrapper.

This assumes that the now 4 month old tome from redhat, written by
Rosanna Yuen has been printed, salted & peppered and comsumed in hopes
it might enlighten the potential user.  For this user, it does not.  And
its all gnome-centric, totally ignoreing kde users.  Does this mean that
kde users will be forever locked out of using this tool?

Ubuntu and SUSE are both shipping with KNetworkManager so NM for KDE is available now.  I think it is hosted in the SVN.

So when is it going to be made compatible with kde, AND ndiswrapper so
all of us using broadcom radios can share in the apparent glee here.  My
experience with NM has been uniformly negative, with every attempt to
run it destroying all networking and requireing a full powerdown reset
to restore it.

The problem is not N-M it is NDISWrapper supporting a full set of Wireless Extensions, I think that the latest (Or maybe it is the version in CVS) fully support the latest version of WEXT and work with N-M.

So if you have a new version of NDISWrapper and run KNetworkManager you should be good to go.

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