Re: Troubleshooting NM

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 04:07, Paul Stodghill wrote:
> I just upgraded to FC5, and NM no longer works for my
> ndiswrapper-enabled wireless card. I looked, but I can't seem to find a
> troubleshooting guide for NM. Is there such a beast?

Not as far as I know, but ...
I had an idea (somehow stolen from gaim) to make a little script or helper 
app to make the life of potential users *and* developers easier.
As I'm reading this mailing list for a longer time now, with the release 
of nm 0.6.0 many people came to the list with problems and asking for 
help. This are the same common problems over and over. So why not giving 
the users a hint from the UI to run a little discovery_and_debugging app 
to point to most common problems and help in bug reports.

Some problems I've read about:
- /var/run/NetworkManager not existant or not writeable
- dbus problems (mostly on gentoo) because of different
  destinations in policy (com.redhat vs org.gentoo) or
  wrong user in policy (nm needs root?)
- missing capabilites in driver (enc_capa and others)
- wrong/unsupported driver or version (especially ndiswrapper or bcm?)
- no dhclient script with dbus-send
- dhcpcd without -x option
- interfaces overriden through distro-specific configs and not avaiable to 
  nm (mostly reported in ubuntu)
- association needs to long
- .....

I think most of them can be a simple bash script. At least checking for 
driver capabilities (enc_capa) has to be a C app.

What do you think of it?


BTW: I'm not the one able to implement it :)

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