WPA2 Enterprise (and other things)

Firstly, would just like to say thanks to all the developers, 
NetworkManager is turning into a really useful tool.

I've just rebuilt NM from source* on an FC5 machine and run 
into a couple of issues:

1) WPA2 Enterprise connection works fine when all the credentials 
are entered (using TLS & a private key file/password), however it 
won't reconnect without entering the credentials again each time 
(doesn't appear to launch wpa_spplicant).

2) When installing into /usr, nm-applet fails to find it's icon 
resources. Copying them to /usr/local fixes it.

* I had to install from source, as I have an Atheros card & needed 
some patches to both NetworkManager and Madwifi sources (added the 
WPA capability reporting to madwifi-old, and the wext/madwifi driver 
patch to NM). With these patches everything is working smoothly 
(aside from the issues above ;)


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