Re: Strange behaviour from 0.5.1 and 2006-02-21 cvs

> So how are you doing DHCP then?
> NM requests information from dhcdbd, and dhcdbd gets its information
> from the dhclient script.  But the dhclient script only gets notified to
> push the information back to dhcdbd if you have a -x aware dhclient.
> So, you will need:
> 1) dhcdbd
> 2) dhclient with -x
> 3) a dhclient script with correct magic to push options back to dhcdbd

I build dhcdbd with -DDHCLIENT_EXTENDED_OPTION_ENVIRONMENT=0, so it doesn't
try to use -x, which I assume will only cause problems like that issue with
ubuntu I was having a week or two ago. The packages I've seen for dhcp don't
have support for -x either, is this a distro-added option?

The dhclient script does have the correct magic to push info back to dhcdbd.
dhcp 3.0.3-r5 on gentoo has the dbus lines in your other email included in
dhclient-script. It was in 3.0.2-something too, I'm not sure why it wasn't in

Either way, it's there now.

NetworkManager 0.5.1 is now functioning correctly. I can see the signal bars
in the notification area, ... and I mean, I'm typing this email.

I assume it would work in 0.5.2 as well, although like I said, I gave up on that
temporarily because wpa_supplicant doesn't play nice with one of my cards.

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