Re: NetworkManager doesn't see ipw2200 card

On 5/27/06, Adam Guthrie <ispiked gmail com> wrote:

I just installed NetworkManager and was eager for it to work
right out of the box with my ipw2200 card. Well, it did not.
It doesn't seem to even "see" the card.

I am seeing the same problem with a new Acer laptop. The Ubuntu
(Dapper) install recognized the ipw2200 NIC just fine; I can bring up
a wireless connection with iwconfig, but nm-applet doesn't see the
WLAN interface, only LAN.

I've commented out eth0 and eth1 in /etc/network/interfaces, quit and
restarted nm-applet, but still no go. Is there some other trick needed
to reinitialize NM? I don't see a startup script in /etc/init.d, nor
can I use service [...] restart as i am accustomed to doing under

The version of NM included in Dapper is 0.6.2.

 Colin Brace

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