Re: NM 0.6.3 drops wireless connections on a Dell Inspiron 8200

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 17:56 +0200, Filip Miletic wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > Can you post some logs from /var/log/messages?  Likely the driver is
> > saying that it dropped the connection to the access point.
> A log from a session with dropped connections can be seen here:
> I filtered /var/log/messages to include only the lines which were output
> by the NM. The full, unfiltered log is available as:
> Since I am unsure what I should be looking for in the logfiles, I just
> included those messages which were output at the time I noticed that the
> connection has been dropped, at about 10pm yesterday.

This is likely your problem:

Jul 24 22:44:48 cow kernel: ndiswrapper (wrap_ndis_worker:1147): wlan0 is being reset
Jul 24 22:45:36 cow last message repeated 3 times
Jul 24 22:46:46 cow last message repeated 3 times
Jul 24 22:47:29 cow NetworkManager: <information>	wlan0: link timed out. 

Seems like the card/driver is deciding to reset itself, which of course
makes NetworkManager think the link is lost, which by definition it is.
What type of card is this?


> Note that NM drops the connection for wlan0 to 'poptanet' (the name of
> my home network). It then tries to reconnect but for some reason
> concludes that no key is available. In fact, the key is available all
> the time in the default key ring.
> f

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