Re: NM 0.6.3 drops wireless connections on a Dell Inspiron 8200

Dan Williams wrote:
> Can you post some logs from /var/log/messages?  Likely the driver is
> saying that it dropped the connection to the access point.
A log from a session with dropped connections can be seen here:

I filtered /var/log/messages to include only the lines which were output
by the NM. The full, unfiltered log is available as:

Since I am unsure what I should be looking for in the logfiles, I just
included those messages which were output at the time I noticed that the
connection has been dropped, at about 10pm yesterday.

Note that NM drops the connection for wlan0 to 'poptanet' (the name of
my home network). It then tries to reconnect but for some reason
concludes that no key is available. In fact, the key is available all
the time in the default key ring.


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