applet won't come back / wpa enterprise

Hello together,

i have a problem with the nm-applet in the gnome-panel. i removed it from
the panel, to tray wpa_supplicant without interferences from
network-manager. i did this before too, but this time the applet didn't come
back after reboot.
starting it from the console with & nm-applet doesn't work.
re- installing network-manager doesn't help too, the same is it with a
complete deinstall and new install after reboot.
i have ubuntu dapper drake 6.06, pretty fresh installed, no other
network-managing tools or applet installed.

the detailed reason, why i had to remove network-manager from the panel: i
have to connect to a wpa enterprise ap at the university. but
network-manager doesn't make that, although everything should be adjusted
perfectly (including a cert-file). so i have to use wpa_supplicant, but it
only works, if network-manager is down...

thanks for any help, regards,


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