Gnome-keyring lockup before login to AP

Howdy NM,
I have a bcm4318. Ya .. Thanks for the work it took for this chip. My problem now is how do you delete you next door neighbour's wifi. I seem to be picking it up across the street.....thank much. Were is a good link to help with the camannds for log chexs and script on different device's.

Thanks very much in advance...

Now when i try to login the Gnome-keyring context locks up before I can get logged in. If I am asking questions please forgive. I find it some what different with ubuntu. which is great. I am now using MS. That is not good. I am trying to learn GNU/Ubuntu if it's just to help other with the end user or at least point to the right people that can. Just this Fri. I had a customer to show off the NEW DAPPER bam it would lockup every time.
Sorry if this is a waste of time . I guess the customer felt the same.


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