Re: FC5 NM/Madwifi "roaming" loses IP Address

Quoting Robert Love <rml novell com>:

On Tue, 2006-07-11 at 15:05 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:

I'm sitting here in Montréal at the IETF and noticed a really
annoying problem.  When I wander from one room to another
I have to roam from one AP to another, and NM seems to disconnect
the network.  When I arrive at the other room I have to manually
re-select the network and when it comes back up it's forgotten my
DHCP lease and gets me a new IP Address.

Actually, I think Madwifi has a bug where it cannot roam.  Instead of
silently roaming to a new AP (a process that does not involve NM), the
driver loses association.

Well, it would be nice if that bug were fixed...  But it doesn't answer
the question of why, when I come back up, do I get a new IP Address from
DHCP?  It's almost as if NM/dhclient don't know that it can just make
a DHCP_REQUEST and instead always falls back to a DHCP_DISCOVER.  This
is true even if the Network Name (ESSID) hasn't changed!  *THIS* I consider
a bug in NM.

	Robert Love

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