Re: NM support for Gentoo

Gustav van der Merwe wrote:
NM seems like a really cool tool, but I can't find instructions anywhere
on getting it up and working for gentoo.
A bit of googling around shows that there was interest at one point and that it actually kind of worked.
I can't find anything recent showing that there has been work towards
supporting gentoo, or getting a gentoo ebuild out there and this is a
I would like it if gentoo had the same kind of powerful network tools as
other distributions.

Is there any reason that gentoo does not have NM in portage?

NM is currently being tested in Gentopia where most of the new Gnome/freedesktop stuff shows up before going into portage.

You can use layman to automatically download and update the gentopia overlay on your system.

I think Steev (who's working on NM in Gentopia) said NM wasn't ready for portage because it doesn't integrate at all with the gentoo netscripts. Currently you have to delete all net.<intf> if you want NM to be able to manage them properly without any conflicts.

Hope that helps,


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