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On Sat, 2006-07-08 at 14:21 +1200, Gustav van der Merwe wrote:
> NM seems like a really cool tool, but I can't find instructions anywhere
> on getting it up and working for gentoo.
> A bit of googling around shows that there was interest at one point
> and that it actually kind of worked.
> I can't find anything recent showing that there has been work towards
> supporting gentoo, or getting a gentoo ebuild out there and this is a
> shame.
> I would like it if gentoo had the same kind of powerful network tools as
> other distributions.
> Is there any reason that gentoo does not have NM in portage?
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One of the major blockers of getting it into portage was the patches
required to DHCP - those are actually applied now (and even in STABLE
dhcp!)  Now, I am waiting on the end of SoC before I move it from the
Gentopia overlay into Portage.
is where the info for our overlay resides.  The support is top notch, I
have been using it for quite a while, I actually can't recall exactly
when I used the old baselayout ways.  The SoC project is coming along
nicely, and I may wait until 7.0 before putting it into Portage simply
because of the support for a lot of things that it will (hopefully)
have, that I know a lot of users will be wanting (and it will help keep
the bug count down quite a bit.)  Give it a try, and let me know how it
works out for you - we hang out on Freenode, in #gentopia, but I can
also be found in #gentoo-laptop, #gentoo-dev, #gentoo-desktop, and
various other channels (the username on freenode is "steev" - because I
am oh-so-original)  Good luck, we haven't had many failure reports in a
while, even have people who use -vpnc and -openvpn successfully.

Hope this was helpful,
Steev Klimaszewski
Gentoo Developer
Gentopia Project

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