Re: Activation Too Long?

I only have this issue when using the latest NM.  Using the older NM,
things were working just fine and then I just tested by hand and
things work fine (using it right now actually), so this is definitely
a NM issue, not anything having to do with the system.


On 1/30/06, Bill Moss <bmoss clemson edu> wrote:
> Make sure that you can manually configure your wireless card using
> iwconfig and dhclient before trying to use NM.
> The same thing happened to users at Clemson. It turns out that the airo
> driver (Cisco cards) has problems with the 2.6.15 kernels and udev-058.
> You can configure the card but you can't get an ip address with
> dhclient. If you upgrade to udev-071 higher, ipw2200 (Intel) firmware
> will not load so both sets of users are caught in a transition. 2.6.15
> and udev-058 works OK for ipw2200 but not for airo. The last kernel I
> successfully used with airo was 2.6.14-1.1532_FC4. I am a ipw2200 user
> but I get a lot of questions from airo users on campus.
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> Clemson University
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