Re: Activation Too Long?

Make sure that you can manually configure your wireless card using iwconfig and dhclient before trying to use NM.

The same thing happened to users at Clemson. It turns out that the airo driver (Cisco cards) has problems with the 2.6.15 kernels and udev-058. You can configure the card but you can't get an ip address with dhclient. If you upgrade to udev-071 higher, ipw2200 (Intel) firmware will not load so both sets of users are caught in a transition. 2.6.15 and udev-058 works OK for ipw2200 but not for airo. The last kernel I successfully used with airo was 2.6.14-1.1532_FC4. I am a ipw2200 user but I get a lot of questions from airo users on campus.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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