WPA Enterprise support.

Hey guys,

I just checked in WPA Enterprise support.  The UI is cumbersome (due to
myriad options) but works.  We should support all WPA Enterprise
configurations except those needing a multi-phase authentication (it is
possible to authenticate twice and so on, using two different EAP
options, and other insane and complicated and hopefully rare
configurations -- right now, no n-phase junk works, but patches are

Anyhow, Dan & I would love to hear both successes and failures.  In
either case (whether it works or not), I want to see your
wpa_supplicant.conf (what you used before NM) so we can see what works
and what does not.  Particularly if NM does _not_ work for you but
straight wpa_supplicant does, the config is helpful for drilling down to
the substance of the problem.


	Robert Love

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