Wireless silently disconnects?

Hello all,

I've had an issue with NM for over a month and hoped it might just be a quirk that would go
away in time. (I'm running NM from CVS).

When NM connects to an AP is associates correctly, then DHCp runs and gets me and IP etc. The routes are correctly set and everything seems to be working correctly. All the output from "NetworkManager --no-daemon", nm-applet etc. looks just fine. I start a web browser for example and start browsing the web (making sure to look at something that isn't cached!)
perhaps an ssh connection to somewhere. It all works.  Yay!

A minute or so later (hard to put an exact time on it). I try the same actions. Nothing works I get "destination host unreachable" typed messages for every service (ping, ssh, http, dns etc.) ie. the link appears to have gone down. ifconfig info hasn't changed. iwconfig info hasn't changed. route information hasn't changed. there has been no output from NetworkManager and nm-applet still shows the same state. I've looked in every log I can think and can see nothing.
Wired works just fine though.

Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?

I have a BCM4306 card using the Ndiswrapper driver. I'm running a Gentoo system and wpa_supplicant works for both open networks and WPA Personal when used directly ie. via
init.d scripts.


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