Re: problems with IPW2200 + NetworkManager cvs

On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 20:11 -0500, Wendell MacKenzie wrote:
> Hi:
>    Prepped a new laptop with SUSE 10.0.  It has the Intel PRO/Wireless
> 2915ABG Card. 
>    I downloaded the current NetworkManager from cvs and built it.  Few
> hiccups RE: out-of-date wireless tools elements...but
> got it built.  It starts up fine.
>    The on-board ethernet comes up find via NetworkManager and gets a
> real_act_stage2_config (): Activation (eth1/wireless): couldn't connect
> to the supplicant.

Are you using wpa_supplicant 0.5 or greater?  If you are, and you're
using FC5, then please try this RPM and let me know if it works

> Under the drop down menu from the nm-applet, curiously the ESSID for my
> access point is not being displayed properly....
> looks like it's shopping chars.

Are there special characters in the ESSID?  Other than ASCII characters?
NM /should/ handle those correctly, it tries to convert them to UTF-8
using a couple fallback charsets.


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