Re: Patch to add libnotify support to nm-applet

Rodney Dawes wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 17:46 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> Rodney Dawes wrote:
>>> Ah. Looks like g-p-m could use a little updating then. If you pass in
>>> the last argument to notify_notification_new (), then the code will just
>>> automatically get the info needed for the x/y hints from that widget.
>>> Here's an updated patch that does this, rather than adding all the extra
>>> duplicate code into nm itself.
>> Yes, this looks much better now! One last issue: Could you store the
>> reference to the NotifyNotification somewhere so that you have to create
>> it only once and not on each event. I would also suggest to move
>> notify_init somewhere into the constructor of NMWirelessApplet so that
>> it has to be called only on the initial setup.
> As far as I know, each notification needs to be a separate
> NotifyNotification object. We need to create it newly every time,
> because the title, message, and icon change. And the icon may actually
> move as well, as other items in the system tray appear and disappear.
> Is there any particular reason you'd want to keep a singleton of it
> around? There aren't any performance or memory issues with the current
> patch, are there? It just seems unnecessary to me to do that.

I'm not a libnotify expert, so I can't really comment on this. It just
seemed saner to me to reuse the already allocated object. But as you
most certainly won't hit a performance bottleneck with your
notifications your approach is absolutely fine.

> Also, regarding the complaint about the icon scaling, I committed a
> change to icon-naming-utils yesterday, to create symlinks for some of
> the nm-* icon names, so that device icons in the theme will just get
> used. This means that for Tango and gnome-icon-theme HEAD, things should
> mostly work ok. I'll also look into fixing the notification-daemon to
> center the icon in a fixed size icon widget, rather than scaling it up
> by default.

Great, thanks.


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