Re: [PATCH] For NetworkManager to send the routes to VPN Daemons

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 16:57 +0530, Vinay wrote:
> > Looks good in principle, but is the problem here that the VPN daemon
> > wants sets the routes, not NetworkManager?  This patch appears to allow
> > the VPN daemon to get a list of user-configured routes.  What does the
> > VPN daemon do with those routes?  How does is it affected when NM sets
> > the routes explicitly later on?
> Even though NetworkManager sets the routes,
> In order to push the routes to the Security Policy Database, IPSec VPN
> daemon needs routes which it does through setkey mechanism.
> This is not available in NetworkManager and this may not be required for
> other vpn daemons.
> Attached is the updated patch for NM to send routes to vpn daemons.

Committed, thanks.  A few changes, I renamed 'routes' to 'user_routes'
throughout, since we're going to change stuff to allow the VPN daemons
to send routes _back_ to NM too.  Sigh.  Anyway, I thought it would
reduce confusion.

Also, I remembered that dbus doesn't allow us to passing NULL string
arrays, so instead we pass through a string array of 1 zero-length
string if any of the data items are empty.  Check for that in your IPSec
VPN plugin and ignore.  In the future we should probably use some more
intelligent mechanism so we don't have to do this dance with empty lists
and strings as zero-length.


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