Re: [PATCH] For NetworkManager to send the routes to VPN Daemons

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 17:32 +0530, Vinay wrote:
> Hi,
> In case of Standard Gateways, IPSec VPNs push routes through setkey
> mechanisms. NetworkManager does not pass routes to vpn daemons.
> Attached patch makes NetworkManager to send routes to vpn daemons.

Looks good in principle, but is the problem here that the VPN daemon
wants sets the routes, not NetworkManager?  This patch appears to allow
the VPN daemon to get a list of user-configured routes.  What does the
VPN daemon do with those routes?  How does is it affected when NM sets
the routes explicitly later on?

Also, one quick error in the patch...  you likely need to g_free
(routes_string); in the bit for nm-dbus-vpn.c, otherwise I think it just
leaks the string.


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