Re: ipsec-vpn connect issue

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 03:16 -0700, Haripriya S wrote:
> 2. Looking at your racoon.debug file (posted in turnpike-dev), the
> first phase1 packet itself is not going through. Looking further, the
> sockname and send from addresses are mismatching (see line#37, #38:
> and Probably you have switched interfaces
> when racoon is running. This looks like a problem with racoon not able
> to handle correctly when an interface switch happens when racoon is
> running. In that case, /etc/init.d/racoon restart should make your
> problem go away. I guess we should automatically restart racoon from
> ipsec-vpn when an interface is switched, but for now can you please try
> to restart racoon and see if you can proceed further?

If NM switches the interface on you (if you are indeed talking about
network devices/interfaces here and not something ipsec specific), then
the VPN connection will be terminated before the new device is brought
up.  The VPN connection's lifetime is only as long as the NM connection
to the access point or wired network.


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