Re: DHCP dbus name patch

Dear all,

Perhaps someone on the list can clear up this matter once and for all. (Dan ??)

Christoph's patch is of cause an important fix. What concerns me however is what the name of the
original attachment suggests: "nm-unredhat-0.6.0.patch"

I worry this is another instance of a strange behaviour seen of people packaging dhcdbd for their respective distros. It seems to happen that people choose to patch the dhcdb source so as to replace com.redhat.dhcp and com/redhat/dhcp with url.distro.their.dhcp etc.

It is my understanding that correct DBUS practice is to use the URL of the software maintainer reversed in the service name. At present dhcdbd is developed and maintained by the nice guys over at It is also reasonable that the developers in agreement with devs from
some other domain eg. use that URL (as with NM)

But: whatever is chosen should remain constant across systems and distributions.

One would never for example choose to rebrand org.gnome.GnomePowerManager or
org.bluez.Manager why should dhcdbd be different?

Robert is this "rebranding" done in Suse too?

Should we perhaps ask the dhcdb providers to consider a move to a url,
so as to prevent this behaviour in many easily offended package builders?

tOnY (running Gentoo and happy to have an unbodged dhcdbd serve my dhcp info via com.redhat.dhcp)

Christoph Brill wrote:

Find attached a patch that replaces a hardcoded string by a define used at a different place.

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