Re: Problems on Ubuntu Dapper

On 12/15/06, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
On 12/15/06, Francis Bolduc <fbolduc gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Network-Manager wizards,
>   I'm running on Ubuntu Dapper and I installed the network-manager package
> that's on the Ubuntu Dapper repository. It worked fine the first time, but
> three problems arose recently.
>    Problem #1: When playing a FPS game, the connection drop dead once in
> while. I also see the Gnome widget doing the "refresh" animation at roughly
> the same interval. What's going on?

You probably have a signal problem, what type of card is it?   If it
is a Atheros Chipset (Madwifi) there is an issue with the way the
driver reports signal strength and the way every other card does it to
cause Network-Manager to think the signal strength is lower than it
really is.  If this is the case you should file a bug.  If you post
the # here I can confirm it and add more details.

The card is indeed an Atheros AR5002X with an AR5212 chipset. Here's
the URL with the specs:

Could you give me an advice on what to write in the bug report?

>   Problem #2: After I removed the network-manager package, there were no
> longer any automatic DHCP request for my network connections. I must do it
> manually. How can I fix this?

You would need to enable the device in the Network Tool under
system->administration after you remove network manager.

Is there a way to do it from the terminal? Any configuration file to
check? I'm really interested in the internals.

>   Problem #3: Finally, I reinstalled the network-manager package. Now it
> does not see my Wireless adapters, or so I guess because the Gnome widget
> does not list WAP anymore. What did I do wrong?

Verify that you have the device set as not configured in the Ubuntu
Network Tools.  The Ubuntu package was modified to not manage any
interface configured there.

Again, is there a way to do it from the terminal?

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