Re: NM do not see any network

[once again, I responded to the wrong address - #$%^ gmail! ]

On 12/6/06, nicola tessari infinito it <nicola tessari infinito it> wrote:

NetworkManager: <ERROR> [1165426945.917538] main ():
nm_dbus_init() failed, exiting. Either dbus is not
running, or the NetworkManager dbus security policy was
not loaded.

As Dan mentioned to Joan, there have been issues with DBUS and
permissions.  Try adding yourself to the "plugdev" group.  It doesn't
seem right, but it rings a bell, and the only group I belong to that
seems possible is plugdev.  In any case, if you want to be able to use
any USB connected hardware, you need to be in plugdev, so there's no
harm in trying it.

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