Re: [gentoo] NetworkManager and conf.d files

Personally, what I have is,


in my /etc/conf.d/rc

What this does is not start any eth* devices (obviously, if you have a wlanX device you would want to put "!net.eth* !net.wlan*" in there - though it may be comma seperated, not sure of the exact format.

This also allows for baselayout updates and not having to worry about nuking the symlinks (because I typically forget to remove them) and INSTALL_MASK doesn't remove symlinks that are created.

Personally, what I would like to see is to do away with the backends completely - or as much as possible and using libnl to do all the heavy lifting of the dealing with networking, and only using the backends to import configurations that may exist (and I would like to see, perhaps a Gnome desktop seed with NetworkManager integrated, and a KDE desktop seed with knetworkmanager integrated) and of course, leaving it out for servers, things along those lines. I have been extremely busy with work, and tis looking like it is about to get even busier as we are in the design phase of our next line of products, so I really haven't had a chance at all to touch anything lately. I wish I did, but thats about all I have for now.

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