Re: [PATCH RFC] set SSID before launching wpa_supplicant

"Thiago Bauermann" <thiago bauermann gmail com> writes:

> 2006/8/11, Timothée Lecomte <timothee lecomte ens fr>:
> If this is the same issue I have, then it is not a driver bug. Sounds like
> either wpa_supplicant is doing something wrong or the user is really
> expected to set the essid before launching it. If it is the latter, then my
> patch is needed at least for APs with hidden SSID.

I am using WPA APs with hidden SSID without your patch.  However, in
my experience (and as I've posted elsewhere in this forum), the system
can occasionally get into a state where it just will not connect
wirelessly until it is rebooted.  I have logs, in case anyone is

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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