Re: Flaky association with ipw2200 and Linksys WRT54G

Dan Williams wrote:
In the log below, where does it start?  I notice that wpa_supplicant
thinks the state is DISCONNECTED, is that because you're already hitting
the up/down/up/down problem?

If NM or wpa_supplicant is requesting the driver perform a scan, then
the driver should not be reporting disassociation (ie, AP = 00:00:...)
events during the scan.  That's a driver bug.  However, until drivers
get fixed, we may have to patch wpa_supplicant to ignore disassociation
events during the scan.

You can test all this by setting up the card with iwconfig alone,
issuing an "iwlist eth1 scan" command, and watching the output of
'iwevent' to see if the disassociation event occurs.  If the ipw2200
driver does send then, then I think it's doing the wrong thing here.

I've retested this using NetworkManager 0.6.2 and ipw2200 1.1.2 to see if it improved things. It doesn't, in fact it's worse, the setup is completely nonfunctional unless you disable scan completion events - the only place I found that documented is here:

"Version 1.1.2 of ipw2200 implements a scan completion event which NetworkManager currently does not handle. This can cause NetworkManager to fail to make a wireless connection. Comment out the following lines from ipw2200.c and rebuild."

Without this change it seems like something (I assume the supplicant) goes nuts (seemingly in a loop) when trying to connect. I can supply the logs if they're useful (it's rather big).

With this change I'm seeing the same behavior as I did before. Sometimes it works, sometimes the connection times out, sometimes it goes into an infinite loop of connecting, then (apparently) yanking the keys out, reconnecting, etc. Looking at iwevent when the loop is going on, I sometimes see that it appears to have associated with the AP momentarily, then for whatever reason it loses the association again.

I did verify that when requesting a manual scan with iwlist eth1 scan, no events (disconnection, etc.) seem to be reported in iwevent (this is with the scan completion events commented out in the driver).

I wonder if there's something unusual in my setup, or is everyone with ipw2200, Linksys AP and WPA experiencing the same flakiness?

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