bcm43xx signal + etc

I have a powerbook, and a dell laptop, both with a bcm43xx chipset. both
seem to be work just fine. i can configure them with wifi-radar, or, via
the shell (noramlly using scripts i wrote to authenticate etc). however,
even though the connection etc seems just fine, with network manager, i
have a hard time connecting/associating, and, whenever i am connected, i
get 0% signal strength from network-manager. 

I understand that the bcm43xx chipsets report singal strength in a way
that network-manager does not understand. is this getting worked on at
all? is this something that should be fixed in bcm43xx? or is it a "bug"
in network-manager? 

thanks. keep up the great work. network-manager is exactly what the
linux desktop/laptop needs.

matt nicholson
sjoeboo sjoeboo com

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