DHCP transaction timing out, even though working

Hi all...

I've spent a little effort lately in getting NetworkManager to work on a
LinuxFromScratch-based desktop, using a variant of the Redhat backend. I
don't think this is the area failing, I mention it only as background.

When I try to connect to an AP, I get the password prompt, then I see a
lot of output from wpa_supplicant. That settles down, then sometime
later I get:

NetworkManager: <information>   Device 'ath0' DHCP transaction took too
long (>45s), stopping it.

However, this appears spurious, since before it gives up with the
timeout, the dhclient process has been started (by dhcdbd), and the
connection is working fine.

So, can anyone suggest why NM is timing out?

This is NM 0.6.2, running on madwifi drivers (recent enough to run
wpa_supplicant with the wext driver). Everything works fine if I run
things manually instead of using NM.

Simon Geard.

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