Re: IPW2200 - FC4 - NetworkManager

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 02:00 -0700, tmort wrote:
> I have an Intel Pro Wireless 2200 B/G card and am running FC4.
> I have installed the firmware, driver, etc for the ipw2200 and have
> installed NetworkManager 5.1.
> I have it set up so that the NetworkManagerInfo applet appears on the screen
> and it can see a public wifi hotspot (non-encrypted) with a good signal but
> when I select it, it doesn't connect.  The icon continues to be a crossed
> out wired connection.
> I can get this card to work on this network if I use Network Configure and
> set up a wirless device using it and activate it.  However, I can't get it
> to work on my home WEP wireless network.  That is why I am trying
> NetworkManager.
> I've read elsewhere that the driver for the ipw2200 doesn't support the MII
> standard and that may be the issue.  I don't know what this standard is and
> didn't look to see the date of the post (maybe the issue is resolved)
> Does anyone have any ideas?

Can you get any logs out of NetworkManager by stopping the service, and
(as root) running "/usr/bin/NetworkManager --no-daemon", trying to
connect, and posting the output to this list?


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